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Tripod torch

Tripod torch

Tripod torch

Was £11.99


The Tripod torch, weighing 64 grams and standing 22cms high is a great aid to working. The 3 bright lights powered by AAA batteries (supplied) have swivel heads to point to the area needed to be illuminated. The base has a button that will deploy 3 legs so the light will stand up as well as being hand held. This allows the user to point the light in any direction and have both hands free. The light can be used for DIY, reading maps, books, sewing knitting etc. The light will show bright white light or a flashing red light so great for roadside repairs, wheel changing etc as one light can be white to use to work and the other 2 flashing red as a warning light.

Then the 3 torches can be removed form the Tripod base to give 3 bright torches.   

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