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Saw Horse

Saw Horse


  • ingenious low-cost alternative to the workmate
  • two ultra-strong flexible rests that can support a massive range of items
  • holds doors, logs, pipes, planks... and just about any awkward shaped item
  • plastic coated rests weigh 1kg and are 40cms long by 20cms high
  • flexible, portable, compact... the ideal work horse!

How do they work?

Revolutionary things are often based on a simple concept - and that's certainly true of the work horse. Two plastic coated rests that have been designed to adjust so that thay can accommodate many shapes and weights with ease. Use them as a bench for cutting, planing or joining; place a board on them to use them as a standing platform; and when you've finished, hang them on a hook in the garage and they're stored compactly away. Incredibly flexible - and at a fraction of the cost of a workmate.

Changing the position of the saw horse rests gives maximum flexibility...

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