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Plantopia 10 pack of pots

Plantopia 10 pack of pots

Plantopia 10 pack of pots


The new Plantopia pots are a great way to start your plug plants, seeds, seedlings and cuttings. You get 10 lots of 6 cell pots, 60 cells in all, 8cm x 8cm x 5.5cm.

The advantages of these pots are firstly they are extremely strong, you could even stand on them, without them breaking, they will last for years, and these pots are now being used by professional growers. The hole at the base and this is inserted into the pot by 5 cms. This inserted part promotes growth, great roots and stops waterlogging by creating air flow at the base and into the root system. Also you can remove the plant without damaging it by pushing your finger into the hole to push out the plant. 

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