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Pet Vac - Aqua Jumbo

Pet Vac - Aqua Jumbo


  • accessory to your own vacuum cleaner
  • includes 8.5 litre container for debris/liquid
  • liquid vacuum attachment for cleaning
  • extra-long 15 foot hose
  • amazing de-shedding tool to quietly remove excess hair from pets
  • extra attachment for unblocking drains

How does it work?

This is a fantastically flexible accessory for your normal vacuum cleaner.

The additional 8.5 litre container and additional fittings, including a liquid cleaning tool, pet hair de-shedding tool (yes! you can comb excess hairs from your pet without causing any discomfort!) and drain clearing fitment make this an excpetionally good value purchase.

The extra long 15 foot hose makes high ceilings and awkward locations a breeze to get to and means that you can keep the vacuum on remotely to keep the noise down (for example, when you are dealing with the pets).

The capacity of the container means you can clear up spills easily - enough room to take liquid from an aquarium (remove the fish first!!) or even clear up a small flood - and you can unblock drains and plug holes of unwanted hair and debris without running the risk of damaging your vacuum cleaner.

The kit includes:

Pet Vac
15 foot hose
Pet de-shedding tool
Liquid vac
Drain de-blocker
Collection bag

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