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Hercules plug set

Hercules plug set


  • Hercules plugs - super-strong fixings made of fibreglass re-inforced nylon
  • easy to use for wood, brick, concrete - even steel
  • unique spring-effect ensures extra strong fixing
  • non-corrosive - ideal for all-weather use
  • 101-piece set, including drill bit, hanger plugs, round head plugs and countersunk head plugs
How does it work?

The Hercules fixing works on the same principle as the screw and wall plug set you're probably used to using - but it's a lot faster and stronger. Herculean, by name and nature, it is made of fibre-glass re-inforced nylon and has tremendous tensile and shear strength. Normally, to fit a wooden baton to masonry, you'd need to drill both pieces, fit a wall plug, re-align the holes and fix a screw into the plug. Often the plug will start to turn, requiring a larger fitting and screw. With Hercules, the process is much more simple. Just hold the baton to the wall, drill through both materials and then just hammer the plug through into the wall. It creates a strong durable joint in far less time.

What's included

  • 1 x 6mm Tungsten Carbide drill bit for masonry and wood
  • 20 x Hanger plugs for fixing heavy pictures and mirrors to walls
  • 20 x 60mm round head plugs
  • 20 x 60mm countersunk head plugs
  • 20 x 45mm round head plugs
  • 20 x 45mm countersunk head plugs

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