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Clip on Torches x 2 Purple / Black

Clip on Torches x 2 Purple / Black

Clip on Torches x 2  Purple  / Black

Was £14.99


The set of 2 x Clip on Torches are very handy and a fantastic gift, measuring 20 cms long and each individually packed in individual boxes that match the primary colour of the torch, orange, green, purple, blue or white, boxes then the 2 individual packs in a master mail order carton. They boast a very strong LED light powered by 3 x `AAA` batteries ( included).

The torches will clip to many different things so the light is where you want it, for instance on pipes, cupboard doors, by the fuse box or under a car bonnet, the torch head can be rotated to obtain ant position and also it flexes to 90 degrees for even more options.


It also has feet that can be locked in place so it can stand up independently to throw light onto a job, for instance just in the right place when changing a wheel.

Also great to use as a torch. 

a fantastic gift as each one comes in a gift box that is orange, green or white to match the torches inside, so a choice of 3 colours.

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