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Auto Loader Screwdriver

Auto Loader Screwdriver


  • revolutionary new pump action screwdriver
  • contains 5 different screwdriver bits 3 cross head and 2 slotted
  • extension bar and 4 torx bits in the body of the tool
  • ergonomical design with high grade materials
  • shock and chemical resistant

How does it work?

A simple but absolutely brilliant invention. The barrel above the bit shaft contains 5 screwdriver bits in separate chambers, all marked ; 3 posi-drive, Philips 2 slotted and in the body of the tool are 4 torx bits and an extension bar.

When you need to change bits, simply rotate to the appropriate chamber, push down on the handle and your new bit is in place. Quick, easy and no more searching around for elusive bits.

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